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The Shed

Turning the garage into living space meant dealing with the mountain of material memories we’d accumulated over the years, both in the garage and in a rented storage place the size of Oracle Arena.  Even after reducing it all down to a volume we could actually imagine enclosed in a back yard structure, a problem remained: what structure do we want to be looking at every time we go into the back yard? The thought of a Tuff shed, or something equally functional and similarly sad, seemed a complete contradiction of what we had just finished creating back there.  After searching the internet for plausible pre-fab storage, it seemed we had to create the solution ourselves.  After months of contemplation and several false starts, The Shed started appearing in my mind. Using Sketchup I finally got it into image form. Since I don’t know a whole lot about carpentry and construction techniques, I got some help and advice from my knowledgeable friend John. Then I was able to focus in at a high enough resolution to figure out how to put it together, showing a level of detail necessary for Gary the builder to reproduce the image as an actual physical structure, at last enclosing our precious stuff in forms and materials kind to the eye and easy on the spirit.  Or at least better looking than a Tuff shed…

                                    click below for gallery of shed design images…          …here for large view The Shed
                      gallery of Backyard Design drawings

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The Shed
Early shed concept                                    Working concept for Shed                   Shed framing                 Framing model
early Shed idea    shedconceptshedAAsheddframing
Roof joist plan                                   Roof plan                               Roof framing – exploded view                  Detail – high corner      
overhead isoabove    sheddframing2high corner
Detail-layers of cladding                   Detail – high corner from below       Detail – low corner from below          Detail – window      
cladding shed-high corner   shed-low corner    window
Shed -model with Design Emphasis                         Shed with doors                                         Shed – rendered with materials
      shedconceptB      SHED          shed in situ-1
                                                     Shed-rendered in backyard                             The Real Shed                       
                         shed in situ    The Shed
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