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This is the page where you can click on my self-disclosure, if that is why you are on the ABOUT page.
If you are seeking my RESUME click here for instant gratification.

It’s also an appropriate place to mention that 2011, when this web site first came together, was the 30 year anniversary of the birth of my computer fascination.   I still have my old Apple II from 1981 packed away, kind of like saving my first baseball glove.   I didn’t exactly know back in 1981 that 30 years on I would be living in the middle of the World Wide Web.   But maybe I sort of did know, and that’s why I spent all those hours back then playing with code, something that was a fairly unusual pastime in that era. I hope to document that amazing time, now that we are safely arrived here in the future.   And if you’re wondering how I actually came to create this web site, which is appearing like absolute magic on your screen, it’s all explained when you click right here.

At the very least, I need to mention here that all images on this site are my own, and that all media found here are created entirely by me, except for what is explicitly credited otherwise.

Visitors can ‘Leave a Reply’ on most pages; I promise to review comments and answer by email if appropriate.
I’m working on integrating this site with Facebook; I can also be contacted there.






  1. Hi Les

    I work for a company called EvertythingEverywhere in the UK and we are contacting you with regards your twitter account @EETweets.

    Bit of an odd request really but we are looking to start tweeting from our retail stores and are keen to use the twitter username @EEtweets to signpost that it is us tweeting.

    I recognse that you have built up some equity in this following and we can compensate you in the below way.

    1) We will set up a new profile for you and can help you find one that will be descriptive and clearly signposted for your followers new and migrating.

    2) We can DM every one of your followers telling them you have a new profile and put up redirection notices on the profile for a couple of weeks.

    3) We can offer $1,000 for the account by way of compensation.

    We would be delighted if you would consider such an offer and let me know what you think when you have the chance.

    All the best,


    Digital manager – Everything Everywhere

  2. Hi Les! Glad to see you’re still with us. I’m still in New Mexico. Life is good, no???

    • Hi Charlie. I missed your comment (is it recent?. Yes, life is good for me in retirement. I’m in Santa Cruz (California, not the one on the way to Chimayo). Let’s catch up via email – [email protected]

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This could be a bio of some kind, but that is exactly what is supposed to be emerging out of the layers of hyperlinked media accumulating, like a pearl, in the shell of this web site.
So, just a few relevant facts:

I’m living in Santa Cruz, California, retired after a full career as a physician and manager.
I’ve had lifelong enthusiasms for music, reading, writing, science, philosophy, and technology.   These days I feel like I’m living in a dream world in which all the science fiction stories I devoured in my youth are coming true (including a few that were material for my nightmares). I have the kid-in-a-candy-store feeling, excited every day to learn what new developments are taking place in what I call the “waking up” of our world, the spread of intelligence through the environment that is resulting from the growth of technology.

I am one of those people who does not believe the answer lies in which political system, tribe, or religion you choose (or chooses you). Those are just the Granfalloons we’ve inherited from previous generations.  At this point in our evolution, none of those systems seems a complete or functional enough map of What Is Going On to provide sufficiently robust solutions for what needs solving in our world.  But from my point of view, change is happening, and we are lucky to be living in the time of this major paradigm shift, close to the membrane, as it were. And if you’ve studied some biology, you know it’s all happening at the membrane.
I’ve been fascinated lately by what is currently called The Singularity.   I’ve found Ray Kurzweil’s observations regarding “accelerating intelligence” incredibly in accord with my own less erudite, less intellectually nimble perceptions and speculations.   At this point, I just want to say that wherever this ride is leading, I’m calling ‘shotgun.’

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