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Grampy Frank’s 90th Birthday Celebration

It was nice to see how many many people share in loving Frank Genta.   All these folks came to the celebration with feelings of love they wanted to exchange with him, and so they wound up sharing them with each other too, and the whole place became a big love fest.    I just walked around smiling into my camera like a fool, then I came home and put this together.    For the hard core family, the full 24 minute version can be found at  https://vimeo.com/58417085



  1. Beyond awesome Les ! Such precious memories that will stay in my heart. Thank you for giving us a beautiful memory of a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for the nice video, Les. I like the music that you used for the soundtrack. Well done.

  3. I love it! I wasn’t able to make it but after watching this, I feel like I was there. You did a wonderful job and I the soundtrack is great. It’s obvious this was made with love. <3

  4. What a wonderful tribute of Uncle Frank’s 90th! Great job!

  5. So nice to look back and watch all the happiness here. two and a half years later, eight people attending this party have passed away. So great to be able to look back and remember when they were among us.

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