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  1. What an amazing story!

  2. Very well written. Captures a chilling experience. You are a very strong and brave Dad.

  3. I have been reading stories on my kindle they are not as interesting and so well written and almost there feeling and being right with you right there with you. you should write and publish it

  4. Hi Les:
    I’m enjoying your stories and your Website encouragement. Talk about coincidence (God’s way of remaining anonymous, I think that’s Bernie Siegel ?). Sometimes I think I’ve had an inordinate number of coincidences too. The best is that Facile and I survived. Let’s be Facebook friends.

  5. I love this and all your other writing, There’s a sense that the words on the page are exactly what you wanted; that each sentence has been carefully constructed and placed. I like also the awe of cosmic coincidence.

  6. Hi Les, you saved me when I had pneumonia too! Thanks again for caring for me in the back bedroom of the house on the mesa.

    • Thanks for commenting, Ken. Many years gone by. I would like to catch up one of these days, and perhaps you can help me recall some details of that former time. What part of the world is home for you now? Email at [email protected] works for me.

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