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More Of Bud Green Vault

On the 50th anniversary of the Moog synthesizer, I’ve opened the Bud Green vault and retrieved another small gem.

The first Moog I’d ever seen or heard belonged to David Phillips, who sometimes used it in The Bud Green Band. Here is a couple of minutes of Bud Green from 1982, recorded at the famous Brendan’s Valentine’s Day party in Dixon. The music was captured that night on a cheap cassette recorder, and the ancient tape has now been retrieved from the vault and digitized, 32 years later. It was a memorable party that night. Throngs of creatively costumed locals (like the artist Glen Strock in a trenchcoat and papier mache penis-nose mask) all dancing to our music, occasionally with wild abandon. In this excerpt, a couple of minutes taken from our cover of Do It Again, David first solos on the organ, then switches to the Moog, then back to the organ. Dick Padberg is playing guitar, and I love the way his rhythm chording has that ringy sound I always associate with the classic Police albums of the 80’s. Howard Stoneback is nailing it on drums, and, as usual, I am flailing on the bass. I particularly like the way, at some points, you can hear the crowd whooping and dancing in the background. Playing at that party might actually have been the true high point of my exceedingly brief but inspiring musical career.

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  1. Les,

    I think it sounds great but my tin ear can’t tell the Moog from the organ.


  2. A bunch of whacked-out musicians on a wild and unpredictable party night.

    Sounds like a rather inebriated organ player who was ‘flailingly’ reaching for something “else.”

    Was that a Moog solo or a Schmoog solo?

    OMG, here comes Lem again!

    Oh, to be back in that day…

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