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  1. Early this morning, one of your posts on facebook led me to meandering through your site (finally!), and I came across this story. This is a wonderful memory story for me and I howled with laughter and recognition, as I read it. As I recall (and my memory includes almost total recall of many of life’s events) you have described it wonderfully.The only thing missing in that tableau on the beach is your burst of enthusiasm when the car pulled our from the sand…as you shouted to Uli” I would follow you to war!”

    Yes, the solving of life’s puzzles definitely turn out to be our greatest adventures.
    Someday , I’d love to read more of your stories about that amazing sumjer of 1968…how many times we were turned away from the border trying to get into Mexico, because there was an edict not allowing “los ippies” into the country where the Olympics were to take place…that night when we went into Mexico and got the two of you haircuts so we could finally get in, the taxman
    thank you Les for giving it all back to me with this story!

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