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A Tool For Making Sense Of Our New World

I came across this project on New Years Day, and it seemed fitting somehow:  http://hypothes.is/index.html

It seems like the best idea I’ve heard yet for navigating the world that is growing around and between us every day. Think of how easily we have integrated Yelp, Wikipedia, Amazon reviews, and the Facebook Like button into our day to day lives. I can’t wait for this layer of information to become visible on my augmented reality glasses.
Side note: Vernor Vinge, although Rainbow’s End is kind of lame as a novel, your vision of the way our world is evolving, as drawn in that book, is incredibly prescient, and definitely worth pondering.
Click here to go to the Elemee home page


  1. This looks really interesting. It has a bootstrap problem, of course, but it has some big names like John Perry Barlow and Brewster Kahle behind it, so it may catch on. There was some kind of program that allowed yellow stickies to be attached to web pages, but I think they were local, not shared. Kindle books can be annotated, too, I thought I remembered that other readers’ annotations were also visible, but that’s not the case.

    • It isn’t even in beta yet, but I am convinced that something of this nature will become an essential part of interacting with the world around us. I’ll be interested to see how it’s implemented. And Happy New Year to you and Maude! Hope we can get together again sometime this year.

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